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Kelowna Doula Association Referral List

Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics


To offer consistent standards to the public, KDA doulas who wish to be on the Kelowna Doula Association Referral List must adhere to the following statements:


KDA birth doulas will have attended a minimum of (3) births and have testimonials from clients available for prospective clients to view. 


KDA birth doulas and postpartum doulas have completed a doula training consisting of a minimum of sixteen (16) hours.  Certifications and qualifications will differ doula to doula.  Certification is not necessary for membership.   


KDA doulas will strive to become and remain proficient in the professional practice through continuing education.


KDA birth doulas provides emotional and physical support to a person in pregnancy, labour, and the immediate postpartum period.  This includes support of the partner where applicable.


KDA postpartum doulas provide support, information and referrals where appropriate - primarily in the first (6) six months - of a new baby’s life. 


KDA doulas do not perform clinical or medical tasks.


KDA doulas should recognize that responsibility for clinical management belongs to the Healthcare Provider (nurse, midwife, or physician) and the client.


KDA doulas do not interfere with clinical management beyond making suggestions to or asking questions of the Health Care Provider and client, based on the doula’s knowledge of the client’s birth plans and preferences.

KDA doulas have written agreements in place outlining services, fees, and details of payment.  This agreement should clearly state any limits on the provider’s availability and include back up plans for such situations when the doula is unavailable.  Should a grievance be filed against me, I will provide a copy of this agreement to the Kelowna Doula Association.

KDA doulas have back up doulas in place for any birth to ensure services to the client.

KDA doulas should show courtesy and respect when interacting with my clients, other doulas and healthcare professionals.

KDA doulas have the responsibility to treat colleagues with respect, courtesy, fairness and good faith.

KDA doulas respect the privacy of clients and protect any information gathered during the doula-client professional relationship. 

If a KDA member takes photos, an agreement between the client and the photographer will be in place.

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