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The Kelowna Doula Association is a non profit society dedicated to connecting pregnant women and their support persons with the right doula to enhance their birth and postpartum experiences.
Our goal is to help families have the best birth and postpartum period. Many of our doulas work within the community to promote mental and physical health through various programs. Contact us for information and referrals.
KDA Doulas are a diverse group, come from a variety of backgrounds, and bring unique experiences and education to their doula work. KDA Doulas are trained, many are certified, and all work under the KDA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. They provide nurturing support and guidance to Kelowna families during birth and early parenthood.
The KDA is made up of birth and postpartum doulas with hundreds of years of combined experience! KDA Doulas work independently, but also enjoy the support, education and back up services from other doulas in the association.
The Kelowna Doula Association was formed in 2012 to improve access to doula services for families in the area. By working together, the KDA has increased awareness of the benefits of a doula for childbearing families and to community health care providers.

Use the search bar below to find doulas available for your birth:


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Alternatively, fill in the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

PHONE NUMBER: 250 801 6575 (Operations Coordinator) MAIL:

Success! Message received. Please add to your address book so you will be sure to receive our reply.


Interested in Joining the KDA?

How to Join Us:

1. Fill in your information and read and agree to the updated Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

2. Send in your payment by e transfer to, by cheque,or by cash.

3. Go to doulamatch and create a profile.

4. Email to let us know you completed steps 1-3 and to confirm you have been added to the referral list.

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