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Ashley Palmer

Desert in Dark


As your doula my goal is to provide nurturing, continuous and unbiased support while you settle
into your new season of life. Birth and motherhood is a very beautiful, sacred transformation - it is
an honor to be invited to support families during such a special time.
My wish for you is to feel joy, connection and empowerment during the rhythm of your unique
birth story. I am here to help guide you along the way, reminding you to trust your inner voice and
birth with confidence. I’m also there hold space for your partner, so they are also able to be more
present, engaged and rested during the birth of your little one. I support all births; hospital births,
home births, caesarean births, physiologic births, medicated/epidural births and work along side
both doctors and midwives.
If I am not at a birth, I’m probably snuggled up watching a movie, trying to find balance on my
paddle board or hiking with my dog. My other job (the hardest one of them all) they call me the
skinned knee kisser, story reader, promise keeper, lost stuff finder – well they call me mommy,
but there sure is a lot of hats under that umbrella. Now more than ever, I live and breathe the
importance of “It takes a village”.
We’re friends now, so call me Ash. 

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